Scheduler app question

Was searching through F-Droid and there seem to be quite a few scheduler/timer/personal information manager apps. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of what they liked so I don’t end up having to try all of them. Would like to find something that can do regular meeting and meal reminders and keep bugging you until you acknowledge it. Thanks.

Personally, I use a combination of Loop Habit Tracker for tasks that should be done relatively close to when it notifies (think of taking medication, or meal reminders) and (synced to my Nextcloud using DAVx5) in combination with a Todo Agenda widget on my homescreen for things that can be done a few days earlier or later too (think of the bi-weekly installation of F-Droid forum software updates).

While writing this I felt I could probably move everything into as it seems to do all I use Loop Habit Tracker for too, but why change a setup that works :slight_smile:

I have big problems with since updating to Android 12 :frowning: … missing notifications rather often.

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