Scan Documents?


Is it possible to scan documents utilizing ‘FOSS’ versions of android (such as LineageOS).

If so, how? Are there any applications that support scanning from a two-in-one printer?

Not sure of supporting 2-1 printers, but check these out and hopefully one of them may help you out.


not sure OP wants the same thing that you posted :slight_smile:

@myrcy maybe your printer has a “Send to FTP” settings and you can setup a small server on your device… so it can send in the same LAN/Wi-Fi, eg. primitive ftpd | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Ahh, the last sentece had it. My bad. Actually, I use default print setup on my Android device itself over WiFi. Never used any FTP server or stuff as such to print. Works normally without any app or without any proprietary app as well.

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