Samourai Bitcoin Wallet on F-Droid?

I searched the forums and have seen no discussion on this topic. I stumbled across a website that told it’s users that Samourai Wallet is the “most popular Bitcoin wallet on Android” (

Curiously I checked out the website (

It’s very slick! What impressed me most of all was that the app is open source as described on their download page (, on which they provide a link to their Github ( At the time of writing the github has 45 watchers and 401 stars from other github users, at a superficial glance.

As I said, I did search this forum and didn’t see any discussion about this. So I’m just interested in why the software is not on F-Droid. I’ve never used it before so I don’t know whether it has advertising, or uses too many non free services, or whether it’s even a legit wallet at all. Maybe someone has devised an elaborate scam, although I doubt that.

Is anyone able to shine more light on this?

In a closed issue they say: “Coming up for version 1.0.”, see

Cheers folks,

I’m showing my noob-dem, but at least another noob won’t ask the same, hahaha.

Forget what I wrote about C. The message I received about apps written in C was from another thread. Samourai is written in Java (as far as I’ve checked).

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