Samba app _wannacrypt

Is this the same as the one on FDroid

Yes it’s the same app. The linked article is from 2017 and seems that the issue reported are solved (

Hello all :slight_smile:
Just to mention that as of yesterday there is a new samba client app. It’s name is “Material Files”, it is already in f-droid repository and once updated to version 1.2.0 will bring SMB support.

Samba Document provider helped a lot and integrates nicely into LineageOS “Files” but I believe there were no single commit since 2017 and hence there are hundreds of bugs unresolved.

Ok thanks i cannot work out the server and path. Is the server the computer name or the workgroup and is it \ or /


I have version 1.14. i don’ see SMB support? Thanks

Yep, it’s added in 1.2

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