Safe IRC client

Hi there! I am looking for a safe irc client, any piece of advice?
I keep having software on my smartphone that is totally free software and does not compromise the security of my device. Thanks!


I have a very positive experience with IRC.

Actually it is the communication way of the last century. So the best way to IRC nowadays is through . The mobile and web client is called

It seems excellent, above all because it provides for the use of cryptography end-to-end. Can I use it for join freenode?

is riotim really safe?
I read an antifeatures:
Includes opt-out Piwik analytics.

Is there a way for neutralize this antifeature?

It’s on the todo list to switch the fdroid build flavour to have opt-in analytics instead of opt-out. Nobody (me, matrix android dev, community) got around to it yet.

There is a switch in settings where you can disable analytics.

Ok anyway Piwik is free software and I can disable as you said, so no problem for privacy. also offers the opportunity to exchange messages offline via mesh networking (like briar)?
Or maybe is this feature in the roadmap? it would be beautiful.

riot’s/matrix architecture relies on having a homeserver which acts on your accord. There are plans for the very far future to be able to run such a homeserver on your device which would bring a decentralized architecture which could with some additional work work in offline scenarios. But pretty sure something like this will not be done in the next year or two.

@g539679 , freenode - yes

I too can recommend the way over matrix - for staying and talking in mostly the same rooms.
Otherwise I can recommend Atomic IRC -

This is a really good news!

anyone here knows when End-to-End encryption will come out of the beta?

You mean Matrix? E2e is done there.
But you’d better discuss it on Matrix HQ (

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