Running without Google account - still possible?

Is it still possible to have an Android phone without a Google account, without jailbreaking? I currently have a Catphones phone, which comes unlocked, and at initial login, I skipped the Google account stuff, connected to WiFi, downloaded F-Droid, and loaded apps. I disabled the Google initial login program, most Google stuff, and Chrome, and things were fine.

Can you still do that? Recommended phones, preferably ruggedized?


yes :slight_smile:


If you’re fine with the result it should be OK.

I’d prefer to flash a de-googled ROM since they were designed to operate without an account in the first place.


I recommend one with relockable boot that has been released one or two years ago max: Devices - DivestOS Mobile

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If semi-ruggedized is sufficient have a look at Fairphone 4, also available as refurbished, and FP5. You are allowed to install other ROMs, which is not rooting. I use alternative ROMs without a Google account.

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+1 on FP4
Although I don’t concider it ruggedized. Rather repairable.

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Unique modulair design with IP54
Drop test according to MIL810G test standard


IP 55
Passed drop tests: ICE 60058-2-31 (1.8m); MIL-810H (1.5m)

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