Run a python3 script during the build process

I am not very familiar with ant, maven, gradle.

My app is a metronome that uses recorded percussive sounds. Those sounds are sitting in res/ and so, are “built-in” with the app.
When I want to add/change/remove a sound for a new release, I take my sample .wav file, process it through a python3 script (removes headers, inverts endianess) and put it in res/, finally I build the app.

For someone browsing res/ on the repository, those sound files will appear as very small (~20Ko) obscure binary files.

Recently with the “antifeature” bug, I was afraid that those obscure samples might scare maintainers, tech-savy users.
For transparency’s sake, would it be a good idea to include the python3 stage into the built process? The git repository would contain the .wav files, anybody would be able to listen to them. During the Ant build process, the python3 script would process the .wav files and populate res/ then Ant would proceed with building the app.
Is such a thing possible with fdroid?

Yes, it would be a pre/build step.

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