RSS Reader suggestion with widget?

I’ve been using an RSS app for years that lets me put a widget on my homescreen to read headlines and clicking them opens them up in a stripped down browser to read the full article. The app hasn’t been updated for a long time and has slowly been breaking, the only RSS feed that seems to work (and only sporadically at best) is the BBC. I’ve tried a few other RSS readers, but none have a widget that shows headlines, and I find that if I have to open a dedicated app I just don’t check the news. Anything on F-Droid that I’ve missed?

Do list those that you tried

I’ve tried a bunch over the years, from a quick scan of the repository here are the ones I remember. Flym, News Reader, Thud, SpaRSS, EasyRSS, Lunar Launcher (which is supposed to have RSS built in, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. News Reader has a widget, but nothing gets added when I select it in KISS. I need to try it out in a different launcher to see if this is just a KISS issue.

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