Rootless Pixel Launcher - Without Search bar

F-Droid has the Rootless Pixel Launcher available for installation, but this version has the “Google Search Bar” appearing and no option to remove it. However, there was a user on Github who created a version without such thing, and I thought maybe F-Droid could include it? I for example wanted to remove the search bar, and had to go looking for it. Here is the link.


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Actually just noticed that this is only the “Go” version, without widgets support. I meant to suggest this one:

Did they change appid? If not…not…

Hum… not sure what you mean, I suppose each app has a unique ID and those forks didn’t create a new one? So F-Droid can’t have two apps with the same ID? I am not sure if that’s what you mean, I am not used to Android development and so on.

You’ve guessed right, any fork needs its own unique separate ID.

I suppose not then.
Would that be a trivial thing to do or would involve too much added work for the developers?

Depends on the code itself, usually it’s pretty trivial.

Eg. They can add a flavour with a suffix

I was just now trying to find a way to contact the developer and couldn’t find any email. Given that I don’t currently have access to a Github account that would be the only way to contact the developer. I am forced to give this up. Anyway, how much update could a launcher need? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks anyway for the help.

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