Riot.IM may be critically behind

Just a quick note that it appears the F-Droid release of Riot.IM may be critically behind. The App Store version is at 0.9.x while the F-Droid release is at Version 0.8.28a (F-3bc5baad3). My instance of Is starting to complain that I am missing critical security patches and should be at a minimum of 0.8.88.


Yes, known issue…

See here

If you are using #riot-android you should update to version 0.8.28a as this is a critical security update.

If you are a user of the homeserver and have received an alert message stating that you should update to a version 0.8.99 from google play you can safely ignore that. This message was only targeted at google play users but accidentally sent to some #F-Droid users as well.


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