Review the source code for an app

There was this app on fdoid called link eye which I have been using. Recently, I decided to check the source code of the app. However, it seems that the github repo was removed, and the link on f-droid no longer works.

I understand that sometimes the developer just does not want to work on the project anymore. What all I want is at least being able to inspect the code. I had tried to contact the developer but got no reply, thus I wondered if the source code is cached somewhere in f-droid by any chance?

Thanks for help

Why is that app so special? Why is Reddit going mad about it?

Latest source, for the last build version, is here:


Because it is useful? I find it handy, being able to edit links before
opening, whether it is from clicking, sharing, or pasting.

It also almost always suggests the browser, wheres the android’s handler
does not. I always found not including the browser to be stupid, even if
there are special apps that accept that link as well.

Thank you a lot

Search for the name finds same name used for different things. One is in Gplay and iStore. Also some crypto thing. So I guess trademark issue took f-droid app down.

There#s no need to guess…

There is when that’s a what, not a why. Also when you can’t search gitlab without logging in…

Find file… last commit name… see reference

But yes, that restriction is BS :frowning:

This one could work for you
URL Checker

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