RetroArch and Cores

RetroArch you cannot download cores. Version 1.15

What error do you see? Android version? Device?

My device is Huawei Y6 (2018) ATU-L21 Android version 8. When i open RetroArch going to Load Cores and then Download a Core there is No Entries To Display.

I can confirm…

See the steps here:

My steps FYI:

  1. Download and install from F-Droid
  2. Grant storage permission
  3. Online Updater → Update Core Info Files
  4. (When it finishes unpacking) Core Downloader → 2048
  5. Go back to main menu and start by loading core 2048
  6. It works

/LE: The F-Droid APK has the smallest content, so it needs to download all the needed data first.

This Fix do the thing. But can you confirm that when you start a game, you can’t do anything cuz you don’t see controls.

By the way thx for the help

No idea beyond that, maybe ask in Issues · libretro/RetroArch · GitHub

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