Request to add a open source app in official fdroid repo

I use a app due to witch i have to use aurora store but its open source. If fdroid maintainer can add this it would be nice for me alleast
The link for the source here GitHub - zend10/AL-chan: Unofficial Android client for AniList, a place where you can track Anime and Manga.
Its a anilist client app name is Al-chan

Depends on upstream: Publish on F Droid · Issue #73 · zend10/AL-chan · GitHub

You added the request? I am noob so pls explain

No I did not, please read the discussion there, notice the blocker “Firebase”

Can we make al chan without traker and firebase ?

Can you see this if it can be added GitHub - lotusgate/otraku

Did you read F-droid when? · Issue #18 · lotusgate/otraku · GitHub yet?

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Thanks for info , i am learning new things

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