Request OG Network Tools


I ask for informations about “OG Network Tools”.

Play Protect tries to block the download and installation. This has never ever happened before with any other app from F-Droid.

Exodus Privacy doesn’t know the app and there has not been any check of the app yet.
Before installing the app I would like to know, if it’s trustable.


I do not understand why someone only repeated the link I added and then closed the case without giving any statement or comment.
I wonder, if this Forum is serious or just ridiculous.

as usual, report Google apps issues to Google itself, we have no control over what their proprietary apps do in they black-boxes :person_shrugging:

Since it’s an open source app you can take a look: GitHub - pisoj/og-nettools

VT scan: VirusTotal

Pithus: Pithus report for OG Network Tools - xyz.pisoj.og.nettools