Request: Need App for smart wrist band

Since last year smart wrist bands become cheap and popular. I bought a V19 smart band with ECG option and continues heart rate monitoring. But the available APPs do really frustating me, and don’t offer the option of exporting raw data for deeper analysis (spreadsheet on a PC). Further the Apps like WoFit and HBand take undefined amount of time to read out data from the band and display it. I would love to have a real smart App that works with this smart band.
Here are the HW details I found:
Main Chip: Nordic nRF52832
Manipulation: Touch, Raise Hand and Display
Vibration: Real-time Vibration Reminder
Screen size: 1.14 IPS color screen 135*240
Memory: 64KB RAM + 512KB ROM plug-in 64M flash
Compatible systems: Android 4.4 and above; iOS 9.0 and above
Data Storage: Local and Cloud Servers
Manufacturer Email:
If someone knows a project regarding this already started, please let me know.
Maybe the first step is to have a sniffer to monitor and log the Bluetooth communication.

Cheers, Andreas

Some example description of the V19, maybe other compatible solution exist:

Check if it’s compatible with GadgetBridge. If not you can request this device to be implemented (or implement it yourself) or you can buy a compatible device.

Thank you for mentioning Gadgetbridge, here are correct URLs for the project:


Gadgetbridge ensures your data remains private and local. We are looking for developers, feel welcome to improve what you think can be made better.

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