[Request] High quality open source spirit box app

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

just recently, I lost a very close person in my life and my heart hurts very much. :crying_cat_face:

Since I am a very spiritual and open-minded soul, I have been testing many “spirit box apps” with poorly coded interfaces, of which many if not most use pre-coded words which are randomly “spoken” to trick the user into thinking that a real spirit is “talking” through the app.

A much better approach is to not use any wordlists or pre-recorded words, but use some sort of “frequency scanner” in order to enable the user to really hear paranormal sounds and voices.

So what I kindly request with this small topic, is that an open source minded developer starts a high quality spirit box app project with a serious name on GitHub (or GitLab) and adds it to F-Droid, so that other developers can contribute and enhance the app in the long run.

Also, it would be wonderful if the high quality app (meaning: no use of pre-compiled words, possibly multi-language, high quality graphics, no ads, regular improvements and updates through F-Droid) could also get a proper labelled thread on the forum of XDA Developers (request added), so that it can get “featured” on the main XDA website and thus gain even more attention and development momentum. I’ll gladly contribute the German translations once app development has started.

Thank you for reading this, geeks, please let us know here who starts the awesome attempt! :pray:

From what I know, spirit boxes scan AM/FM radio frequencies. There is an FM radio app on the store, if your phone has the right hardware :slight_smile:
SpiritF (Use headphones as antenna for FM radio)

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Thank you very much for your reply, dear @Mor. :pray: That’s a great suggestion and I have contacted Mike, the developer of that stunning app to kindly have a glance at this thread. It would be wonderful if he could add a “spirit detection mode” to his app. Just a small dream I’m hoping to become true…

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