Request for Creation of a Basic Root-Access Application

Background: I have 64 GB internal storage on my Android_Device(Rooted) with Lineage OS 16 installed without GMS(also known as GApps or Google Play) but unable to reach the usage of 4_GB(excluding the 12 GB occupied by Android System).

Objective: I request you to make a script or some Applicaion which creates a partition which act as an external Storage Device like a Pen Drive which can:

(sorted by Priority.)

#1: Run GNU/Linux in a Live Environment or even install it on the connected PC.

#2: Act as a Partition which can be accessed neither by Android System nor Any Application(s) unless privileged by the user with superuser Rights.

#3(Can be Skipped): Install MS Windows™ OS.

Note: All above task can be done using a Pen Drive, so focusing on how to … Pen drive will solve the problem.

Application of Interest: USB_Mountr(Free(as in Freedom)):




Application of Interest: EtchDroid(Free(as in Freedom)):



Google’s Play_Store:


XDA Forums:


So, basically, you want to dual boot your device?

Not my Android_Device but my Computer, like what “MultibootUSB” does to the Flash_Drive, i want to do that to my Android_Device’s Flash_Storage.
Simply, I want my Mobile_Device to act as a USB_Flash_Drive but without loosing its Mobile_Device Functionality.

This may be what you’re looking for:

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I have marked the Solution _Button, But I think, it would be better if more opinions and choices are Posted for future Reference for anyone else

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