Request for a feature

Dear f-droid,

I would like to make a request for a feature.

What i ask for is for f-droid to offer a Rendezvous protocol service for developers, basically it would be like a bridge that allows two different devices to form handshakes wherever in the world they are and from that form P2P or other type of connections.

I believe this would offer developers even more capabilities in making internet apps, or multiplayer games. P2P Messaging apps. Server apps. Smart apps for controlling IoT devices. You name it.
The server would not need large upkeep, its main function would be to simply establish connection between two devices. There would be no persistence storage. Perhaps multiple mirrors of such service could also be hosted by those who wish it on their own.

I mainly make this suggestion because its exactly what i was looking for the app i was working on. However, this is merely a suggestion,discussion is warranted.

Why not use Tor for that?

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Could you share more information about how would using Tor look like, anything i could read?

All i know is that there is a magical wormhole protocol that could possibly be used for this purpose, they have their own bridge server that forms the handshake. This is what i plan to try to use for my needs. They also let you host your own servers.

maybe this helps you with Tor? How it works - Briar

I will try to use this The Magic-Wormhole API — Magic-Wormhole 0.13.0+26.g88f7548.dirty documentation
Thank you for sending me the link tough. I know qtox uses onion routing for peer discovery, but i am trying to look for the most simplest easiest to work with solution first.

I was just thinking how it would be cool if f-droid offered something similar, would make the platform more versatile. Increase the possibilities of apps. That is all.