Request for a Basic Root Application/Script

Background: I have 64 GB internal storage on my Android_Device(Rooted) with Lineage OS 16 installed without GMS(also known as GApps or Google Play) but unable to reach the usage of 4_GB(excluding the 12 GB occupied by Android System).

Objective: I request you to make an Application which creates a partition which follows the below written Steps:

Step.1: Rename: ‘/data/media/0/’ to either ‘/data/media/0.mnt’ or ‘data/media/0.temp’ or some else(which is chosen by the user).

Step.2: Ask the user to Reboot to Android-System through a toast message or provide some button to do so but remember the button MUST act as a trigger for Power_Menu('KEYCODE_26’as a long press) and not ‘reboot’ Shell Command,
Because: ‘reboot’ Shell command is designed for emergency purposes only and can lead to Android-System Cache Corruption as this Shell command acts suddenly without providing time for Android-System to maintain.

Step.3(user): The User do the Desired Operation, Tap on the Notification titled ‘Reverse’ or ‘Process Complete’ or some else.

Step.4: Script/Application renames ‘/data/media/0[.mnt/ .temp/]’ to ‘/data/media/0/’.

Step.5: Refer to ‘Step.2’.

Permission Structure for ‘/data/media/0’:
d rwx rwx —(770)
User: media_rw,
Group: media_rw

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