Reproducible flutter apps error

Learning from past mistakes, I’ve made another Flutter app (reproducible) but I’m stuck and clueless on why/how
../lib/.../ and .../flutter_assets/NOTICES.Z differ when comparing apks with DOES NOT VERIFY ERROR: APK Signature Scheme v2 signer #1: APK integrity check failed. CHUNKED_SHA256 digest mismatch.

Tried with Windows host (with flutter in PATH), Ubuntu VM (with flutter in submodules) and Windows host (with flutter in submodules)

fdroid build job:
fdroid build job (when my apk was built in Ubuntu vm):
Note: for the output from Ubuntu case, the unexpected diff output of /META-INF/services/** was actually unexpected so let’s ignore that
source code:

Does anyone got similar issue for their flutter apps when making it reproducible?

you’ve read Reproducible Builds | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository I guess

and looked at how other apps try to fix the “embedded paths” issue, right? metadata/org.localsend.localsend_app.yml · 65736ed603d26b1e80205c686b413cc336098ed5 · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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If it’s the newlines issue (and probably is since you move from Windows ↔ Linux), see metadata/ · e59f534a85c29c40f36ead4303a67a0441c62cdf · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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thanks for showing localsend metadata. i was able to resolve the issue and also there was no newlines issue (tldr, everything is resolved)

omw documenting everything for future reference for others

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