Reproducible F-Droid app not possible for published apps?

@hans @Licaon_Kter are reproducible F-Droid app not possible for published apps? only for new apps? see [fr] reproducible F-Droid app · Issue #215 · bk138/multivnc · GitHub

As said in the issue, it’s possible. But currently if you want to publish both apks, you need to add the signature to the fdroiddata repo manully for every version.

You can enable reproducible builds for an existing app, there are two approaches
on F-Droid with reproducible builds:

  • only publish with the upstream signer
  • publish both with the upstream signer and signer

That would mean that existing users cannot update via F-Droid?

Is it recommended to try to enable reproducible builds for existing apps?

If yes, what are the steps to do it? Are there any apps that have enabled it, that I could take a look at?

For new apps it seems to be enough to add

Binaries: url/to/upstream.apk

Ref: [feature request] Reproducible F-Droid app · Issue #324 · cvzi/ScreenshotTile · GitHub


It’s not recommanded since the users can’t get update. If you want to do that, you can see how wireguard does it.

And with this option updates would still work?

Updates still work but autoupdate doesn’t work.

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