Repomaker lives!

I am just wrapping up a round of work to make Repomaker run on current dependencies. The Repomaker code itself has been working well, but it was stuck on a lot of old versions of libraries. It now works with fdroidserver v1.1.10, which removes the requirement for the Android SDK and works with any OpenJDK 8 or newer. It also now uses Django 1.11.x, so the known CVEs there are no longer a issue. Django 1.11.x just went unmaintained in July, but there is a Django 2.x port that is mostly done.

This also means that Repomaker no longer needs such a complicated Docker setup. The Docker image is now built directly on top of Debian/buster using Debian packages for everything except a few Python and NPM packages. I also scheduled a job to update the Docker image once a month like Patch Tuesday, so that it gets any security updates.

This should hopefully make Repomaker fun to work on again, since a lot of the painful dependency issues are solved. Repomaker still needs a maintainer. Thanks to @grote and @NicoAlt for their help with this process.

(Thanks to some funding from Guardian Project, I was paid to make this update.)


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