Replica island source code

I posted about 2 months ago that I had found the source code to Replica Island. It being hosted on google code. I downloaded it, ‘just in case’ and I will check to be sure I still have it.

That post ( Replica Island Sourcecode ) was closed 2 days ago, so I’ve made this topic.

I havent forgotten about getting it on github, I am having difficulty doing that myself without a computer. I have spoken to someone about helping me this, and have a person or two more to discuss it with.

I would have posted sooner (to the topic linked afore) but had to deal with ‘real life’ stuff. In any case I will be working on getting this done for the F-Droid community, the FOSS comunity at large. Not to mention myself (oops I mentioned myself :wink: and hope it helps Replica Island and its fans. Tata for now…

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