Remember that eu copyright directive?

Youtube tends to only show videos from before the copyright directive was implemented. So hard getting any real up to date information there about it because of the algarithym. I can only seem to get new information from smaller news sites. So what is the current state of that.

This might not affect F-droid directly but can we be sure every open source project doesn’t have any copyright music or images in it.

From what I remember tho, there was an exception for Wikis, Cloud storage, and open source software. But again if open source has copyrighted media in not sure if it’s covered by the exception.

Which one? “Upload filters”?

Yes the link tax and uploud filters, I heard they were supose to be due to passed into law by all eu countries. ? ?

I don’t think those articles you linked to were about the copyright directive specifically but I do remember something about how it might interfere with privacy laws but as of now it’s supose to be enforced after June 2021.

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