Remember: no need to install proprietary apps to enter a website

Tired of being invited to install apps that will only grant me access to a website.
Yes, I could get push notifications, a nicer design, and an overall better UX, but I don’t want those apps running on my mobile.
As I said here the usage of a sandbox like WebApps is very useful, but a website or two might get broken.

Progressive Web Apps will be our salvation? Or just more non-free javascript?


There are addons for browsers where you can enable “annoyance” filters that remove those “invitations”.

Relevant XKCD I think it’s interesting that this has been an issue since 2013.

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yet another addon!
I just tested a couple of those and they seem to work well, blocking the CSS to avoid the invites.
They are also supported at Fennec

:rofl: I thought I knew every XKCD

That said, I rather prefer to be annoyed than forced to run an app on my device that I don’t want to.
Sometimes I have to, like ride-hailing apps (remember booking an Uber through their website?), digital wallet apps, or a transit app (if Transportr doesn’t cover your area)

Installing a proprietary app to access a website is nonsense.

That’s technically impossible… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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