Reddit FDroidUpdates how to improve?

On reddit there is FDroidUpdates posted by BrainstormBot
that contains info which apps were added or modified on and

Does anybody know which software is used by the bot. I found no source and no issue tracker.

I would like to contribute to improve the result:

  • add the english app summary
  • add a link to the home page.

I already posted this question to the moderators of FDroidUpdates but got no reply.

That bot is not run by F-Droid, but rather by @LjL – and as a starting point, take these URLs:

It originally was a bot reporting Earthquake details, and was extended with the time to also cover updates to various F-Droid repos – like the two you’ve mentioned, but also several more. Details on where to find the code, and how to contribute, are best given by the bot’s daddy himself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m sorry @k3b, I see your message on Reddit modmail now but I’m afraid it had escaped me completely.

I’ve now implemented what you asked and after some errors that stopped updates from being posted entirely at first, it seems to work now except that linking to the home page doesn’t work if there is no home page listed, so right now that example looks pretty bad, but next time, it should fallback to the source code link instead of going “None”.

I’ve made it so new apps are followed by their app summary, while updated apps are followed by their version number, and all apps (attempt to) link to their home page.

The code to the whole bot is not public as it’s honestly a big mess that, as @Izzy mentions, does a bunch of other things. I can send you or post the F-Droid part though if you want to improve it further, just don’t expect nice code and keep in mind you won’t be able to actually run it yourself without a bunch of other modules that would need to be pruned of… things… before posting.

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Thanks a lot for your effort. From my point of view this is much better than the old name-only-version, because of the app descriptions.

A few wishes from me:

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