Record App limitations or my user error?

Layman/newbie question here:

Why is it Record Apps on FDroid stopped letting you record audio while also using the phone?

I remember I used to able to use this feature on older
(pre 2013) phones that I carry as well; but recently on a lot of the Record Apps from FDroid, I can’t.

Simple Record was one of the main ones that was great to use.

I believe this may be an OS or hardware limitation, not a user-level one.

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Hmm, I see.

Is there a simple, or straight forward, step I can take to check and see if that’s the case with my device(s)?

You mean to record phone calls?
Or to just record audio when the app is in the background?

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Yes & yes.

Did you disable app optimizations and the rest mentioned on ?

eg. Call Recorder needs to be installed as system (directly or via Magisk) to work afaik

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You’re not the only one.
android 11 complicates things even more… Basically google is making android safe for the average user, in turn, making edge cases (next to) impossible… This has been happening for a while now… almost every third android release adds some more restrictions. The app developers then have to jump through hoops in order to work around them…

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