Recommended Disposable Number services?

I’m looking to subscribe to a service that gives private, disposable phone numbers
like Hushed but, like certain shady VPN companies, I’m sure some companies like those may claim to protect your privacy but could actually be collecting your data for their own uses.

Since I’m also looking to get a new Android phone soon, I figured this would be the best forum to ask what the best (and most trustworthy) private/disposable number service I can find on F-Droid.


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I doubt there are any.

At least avoid “14 eyes alliance” and other countries known to spy on people.

All services do not work. I too am trying to find one.

The best you can hope to do is sign up to an independent fully encrypted VoIP service that doesn’t log any user information. If such a service exists please do let me know. :+1:

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