Recommendations for Tethering Apps?

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It appears that F-Droid does not have any Tethering apps in its repository.

So, in order to bypass (circumvent) Tethering quotas, which app(s) do you recommend?



Mmh, I’m completely confused by what you mean with Tethering quotas or tethering apps. I just connect via USB, Bluetoooth or open a hotspot and that’s it.

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Guten Nachmittag Marcus,

Tethering quotas (restrictions) are what the Telecommunications service providers use to restrict the use of bandwidth via tethering when you use your cell phone as your connection to the Internet.

For example, where I currently am, I can have an “unlimited” cell phone plan that allows 16GB of high speed data for the phone but only 2GB, of that 16GB, is permitted for tethering which is useless to me for my current situation.

There are various 3rd party applications available that are supposed to be able to bypass these restrictions without the Telecommunications service providers being able to detect this circumvention.

The following pages will give you detailed information about the above. So, I would like to know is if anybody from the F-Droid community can recommend such an application as I am seeking and what their experiences were like with that application.

On my Laptop I use Devuan Linux and MX Linux.

How Can I Tether Without My Carrier Finding Out?

How AT&T Detects Unofficial Tethering and How to Stop It by Acting Like Android

Here’s why cell carriers freak out when you use your unlimited data

How can phone companies detect tethering (incl. Wifi hotspot)

5 Best Tethering Apps for Android

Mit freundlichen GrĂĽĂźen, Michael.

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With respect, the last article you linked provides 5 tethering app suggestions.

But, to be more thorough, it may help to know which android version you have, rooted/non, custom/stock ROM, etc.

For instance, I used to use an app called barnacle, but that was for android 2.3 and does not work for 4.4+.

Just a thought. :grinning:

Hi A.L.U.,

Yeah, I know about the last page but I thought it would be useful to have first hand accounts from folks in the community.

I have Android 8.1.0 on my phone from the maker and it is not rooted.

Do the “Baseband version”, “Kernel version”, “Build number” & “Custom built version” also need to be taken into consideration?


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From How AT&T Detects Unofficial Tethering and How to Stop It by Acting Like Android

Android tethering, on the other hand, isn’t set up to route data through an alternate APN when the phone is in tethering mode – meaning AT&T would actually have to scan packets to determine whether or not you’re tethering. This requires diversion of AT&T’s resources, while identifying iPhone tethering is markedly simpler.

Which suggests that quotas can’t be easily enforced on Android devices. Note that examining network packets is a breach of privacy on so many levels. I’d rather switch my carrier.

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Carriers usually detect tethering by TTL. If you tether a PC, you can easily change the default TTL on it (make it default + 1).

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Hi relan,

They can also detect by the browser you are using.

Do you have a link for clear instructions on the TTL method you described?


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In Windows:

In Linux:

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