Recommend me some apps

Info: I am using ColorOS 11.1, so you can also send me ColorOS Themes. Thanks.

Not sure they are open-source, sorry…

If you want open source apps recommendations, ask away :slight_smile:

Here is my list of recommended apps, all available on F-Droid:


Spy Loyalty Cards: Loyalty Card Keychain

You know that that app is no longer actively maintained but that there is an active fork of it, right? :wink:


I’ve replaced it with Catima and updated the site.
Any other suggestions welcome.


Depending on where you live, Transportr can be a very useful public transport app. How well it works depends greatly on your region, though.

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Vector pinball is a way to kill time…

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QKSMS+ (text message)
Fennec (web browser)
Simple record (audio recorder; with bullsh!+ limitations)
Solar Calendar
Libreoffice (pdf & word document)
Newpipe (YouTube)
K-9 Mail (email)

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Thanks. Sadly, i couldn’t find Solar Calender though.

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It’s a fun way to kill time for sure