Recommend me some apps

Info: I am using ColorOS 11.1, so you can also send me ColorOS Themes. Thanks.

Not sure they are open-source, sorry…

If you want open source apps recommendations, ask away :slight_smile:

Here is my list of recommended apps, all available on F-Droid:


Spy Loyalty Cards: Loyalty Card Keychain

You know that that app is no longer actively maintained but that there is an active fork of it, right? :wink:

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I’ve replaced it with Catima and updated the site.
Any other suggestions welcome.


Depending on where you live, Transportr can be a very useful public transport app. How well it works depends greatly on your region, though.

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Vector pinball is a way to kill time…

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QKSMS+ (text message)
Fennec (web browser)
Simple record (audio recorder; with bullsh!+ limitations)
Solar Calendar
Libreoffice (pdf & word document)
Newpipe (YouTube)
K-9 Mail (email)

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Thanks. Sadly, i couldn’t find Solar Calender though.

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It’s a fun way to kill time for sure

Consider adding DroidFS and Photok in File encryption.
Infinity in Reddit, more stable and feature-rich than Slide by far.
PCAPdroid in Network Monitor as Net Monitor is deprecated.

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I added DroidFS, Transportr, and PCAPdroid.
I added Infinity but I didn’t remove Slide. As either it was bugged or broken but I couldn’t locally save a subreddit without an account.

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Please can you explain why you decided not to include Photok? thank you.


DroidFS appears to have all the features of Photok with the added benefit of being standard gocryptfs.
ie. being able to trivially access the files from any Linux computer too.

Although Photok is a more simplified workflow that might be easier to use, not enough to justify both imo.

Arcticons, for making your phone look less distracting :^)

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Etesync if you want to have a great app to keep your contacts and calendars all remotely synced with end-to-end encryption and without Google. I’ve been using it for years. You can support the developers directly by signing up for an account on their server or you can even self-host your own server.

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how did u miss under media lol. it’s the best i could find. vanilla (which IS in your list) was my best before i found that one.

Why the app openboard for keyboard is not recommended?

How many keyboards can one test/like/have? :slight_smile: