Recent f-droid update v1.6.2 still doesn't show latest updated apps

This bug has been there since a few builds ago, where after syncing repo you wouldn’t be able to see all or few of the updated apps in “latest” tab, but the updated versions appear if you search for the apps or if an update of an installed app arrives, does anybody know why is it not being fixed?
3-4 f-droid updates have arrived since then with performance improvements & bug fixes.
Is this not being considered a bug?

The bug you describe sounds like this one We know its a bug, but it seems to go away on its own, and no one can reproduce it. So its not really possible to fix if we can reproduce it. If you can make step-by-step instructions that reproduce the bug every time, it will be easy to fix.

Goes away on its own? Why doesn’t that happen for me?
Every time I update to the latest builds & restart the app after updating, I see that the apps at the top of latest tab are gone & the little space where there’s some theming based on the last app on top is also gone.
It doesn’t ever get fixed for me, I update repo, force stop & restart app, restart device, the app stays like it is. So finally I revert back to an older build. For me, the step to reproduce the issue is just updating to the latest version.

Can you post a screenshot? I saw the issue a couple of times after
upgrading, but then was never able to reproduce it.

The bug 1st appeared in 1.6-alpha2.

That screenshot shows the Latest Tab full of apps, the bug in was that it was totally blank.

Did you by any chance read this: ?

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This makes perfect sense. That’s why I asked whether this is being considered a bug, but I didn’t read the post before. I saw f-droid changelog & thought maybe that’s a reason but then I thought - “seriously!?”. Thanks bro. BTW if you guys can add a little more detail under the fdroid changelog that “to know latest or newly apps that got released without proper description, please click search icon” it’ll be more clear.

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