Real time location sharing?


I’m looking for an open source app that could help me share my real time location with friend? An equivalent to Beacon.
Any suggestion?

It is possible (generally) only with an internet server in between. And someone has to pay for it.
Sorry to tell but I’m using Telegram for this.

Any further requirements that PhoneTrack (Log positions to Nextcloud PhoneTrack app or any custom server) couldn’t handle? I don’t see in OP that an intermediate service isn’t ok.

Maybe is something for you.

Hauk works great: but one of you needs to host it, even a simple Raspberry Pi is enough :wink:

There are a bunch of gps/location to sequenced sms, on github, like; maybe some could be added in rfp ? These are free of internet/3G & compatible with non-android phones.

btw fyi , I recently noticed that android Pie (and maybe earlier ?) is granting location permission, without user consent, to the user-designated default browser, if any. (I will remove this in my next MicroG Treble GSi 2020 Pie update)

Thanks for your help.
OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker seems to be what I need, I’m gonna try that. Thx again :slight_smile:

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