Readmeta resutls in errors in multiple apps

This is my first time and i’m confused because of a lot of errors in already commited apps.

Fields are mainly about OpenCollective, Liberapay and Litecoin addresses. Adresses aren’t correct anyways, but there are also unrecognized app fields and a lot of them.

Is it ok or there is something wrong in my environment?

I’ve installed fdroidserver from apt repository.

For working on the fdroiddata repo you’ll need fdroidserver from git. the format of the donation addresses changed a bit and there were new fields introduced.

may be documentation needs to be changed, because everywhere there are instructions for installing fdroidserver from apt repo.

thank you!

Yeah, we move fast-er :slight_smile:

You can install those (to get the deps) and then clone latest fdroidserver and fdroiddata to use directly

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that is an interesting idea! because i’m having troubles with using instructions, provided to setup environment manually.

No enough hands on deck to keep up.

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