Read problem app Icecat

problem icecat tracking please no tracking =(

Fennec/Fenix is a large complex program with many dependencies.
Just because Exdous shows it includes something doesn’t mean it isn’t stubbed out or disabled.

IceCat is quite out of date and extremely insecure.
Fennec F-Droid based on Fenix is built from source with no proprietary blobs just like IceCat was.
I also personally maintain Mull, which enables many privacy features and too has no blobs.

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thank you =)

I’m still using the Firefox browser because I haven’t found a free and open-source browser.

fail deepl =/

Fennec and Fenix and subsequently Firefox are not fully free, as they include a small handful of proprietary dependencies.

IceCat, Fennec F-Droid, and Mull are all fully free and open-source.

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