Random number generator app?

Hello forum,

I am looking for a free software replacement for True Random Generator. I couldn’t find anything similar in F-Droid. Is there? I only found RPG helper apps with a fixed list of dices.

I only need an app for generating (pseudo) random numbers from 1 to a configurable maximal value. Something minimal like e.g. https://github.com/MarkusShepherd/Random (see the screenshot there). I have no experience in building Android apps by myself, however.

Another example would be https://github.com/dubhad-dev/secure-random-number. An apk is offered for download there, but I don’t trust it.

You could install termux and use the command shuf -i 1-17 -n 5, which returns 5 random integers between 1 and 17 (without repetition).

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