RakEM messenger

Hello. Does anyone know if RakEM messenger will be available on the F-Droid platform?

Strange how my original posting was flagged as spam. It was a legitimate inquiry on a legitimate messaging app that I was wondering if or when it would be made available on F-Droid. Since I have only used BlackBerry phones, and only recently have been using the Android OS, I am new to the F-Droid option, so give me some slack here. There are those of us who use alternate messaging apps, and Signal and RakEM are two of the more private ones around, but the only way to install them on the Android phones is via GooglePlay, which is why I looked into F-Droid.

I believe you that you didn’t intend this as spam, but afaict this app is not open source so the answer to your question is: No, it won’t ever be on F-Droid.
And since we don’t promote non-free/open software here I’m removing your link, but I’ll unhide the post.

Hello, and thank you for the clarification. Was not sure exactly how F-Droid works. Is there an open source, or alternative secure encrypted messenger app on F-Droid?

Kontalk, Riot, Telegram

Your post contained a link to some proprietary app, so it looked like an ad. Sorry for that.

I’d like to add to paulakreuzer’s perfectly correct answer that you cannot trust software if its source code is not available for audit. Of course app authors will claim that it’s private and secure but they’re obviously biased.

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Thank you. I have heard good and bad about certain services, and can be daunting.

Thank you for that, was not sure about the software aspect, but good to know.

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