QuickWeather collects data

Hi there,

I’m new here but I thought it’s about apps not collecting data…

I installed " QuickWeather" and to use it I have to click on a link to get free api but to get it I have to give away all my data…

That’s not how it should be, isn’t it?


This is a limitation of all the OpenWeatherMap apps, most will include their own but they’ll sometimes not work after exceeding the daily rate limit.

So in this case QuickWeather chose to let the user provide their own API key.

The app or app developer itself isn’t collecting your info.

Ah, ok…

Are there different API providers and if, which are not collecting data? Or are all API providers collecting email and name?

Thank you for you help. :slight_smile: :+1:

the app Weather Forecast | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository uses a different API from yr.no, though I’m not sure that one is working any more.

re the data collection, you can use a temporary email to sign up for the OpenWeatherMap API key. Any of



should work. Once you have the API key there is no further need for the address.

It should work, though there was a period when the yr.no API was replaced by a met.no API and the app was broken during that time. I just tested version 1.6.6 and checked the weather forecast successfully.

I tested the app, it’s not working…

That’s unfortunate. :frowning:
If you could open an issue and provide some details, I’ll try to look into it.

What kind of detail will you need?

Good question!

Really, just things like:

  • Which version of the app are you trying to use?
  • Which version of Android are you using?
  • Does the app start?
  • Does the app crash?
  • If it doesn’t work in some way, in what way does it fail?
    For example, if you try to fetch a forecast and it fails, it shows a brief message. Does that happen?

While looking up the information you wanted I was realising that I was just to stupid… :expressionless: The app is working!

But there are not enough or/and the right informations I would like to have like:

When there is a rainy cloud - How much will it rain?
The wind units/values would be great to change in like km/h instead of m/s…

Yes, I thought about that as well. I’ll look into it.

Not necessarily. Often, BugMeNot can be a great help :speak_no_evil: :dash:

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