Questions about Bromite browser

I can’t verify codes and it is not practical for me to recompile from source i was finding some alternative to chrome due to some unhealthy stuff so i find brave and bromite is a good option but
I find bromite is better but as i previously statted and i can’t find that app in default repo of fdroid so can anyone help me is bromite safe and as fdroid haven’t built that app so is it trustable like other fdroid apps.

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Here you go mate. The official Bromite/Chromium F-Droid repository. Just add to your repo list mate.


I have gotten it from the Bromite web site and and then F-Droid updates it regularly. Is it safe? In my opinion yes, I have been using it for quite a while now along with Blokada5 and have no concerns at all or ads.

I’ve tried it for maybe, years, but have always had issues adding in a host for blocking ads. It’s just never worked and there is no confirmation or anything… Which is frustrating. I just recently removed it from all of our devices here. I have actually swapped it for brave. Vivaldi, at times icecat(can’t really recommend as it probably isn’t safe?) mull, foss I’ve just started using again and it appears to be ok but time will tell. Using Vivaldi and say, brave, is ok as long as I go into netguard and block what i want(if on android). I mostly use brave for browsing sites that I don’t care about ads or that are picky about any sort of blocking… So if I absolutely need it. Vivaldi is our go to for most things. Mull or icecat if we need more blocking or extensions or something specific. But I’ve tried a few ways, a few things on bromite but never had any success with blocking anything. Vivaldi works great though.

Vivaldi is proprietary and Brave likely includes proprietary libraries (GMS).

IceCat is severely outdated and not secure.

Bromite is fine and was a favorite, however, on my larger screen device I had to dump it. The loss of the bottom tool bar (removed in upstream Chromium) and the constant shifting of my grip to access the top toolbar is a no go for me. So, as far as Chromium-based goes, I use Brave. It has only one tracker which I block with App Manager.

On the Firefox side, I pretty much use only Mull or Iceraven.

From what I hear Bromite is an opensource, and less spyware then regular Chrome. It’s based off of Chromium (assumingly) since it is open source as well.

The only issue I would have chrome/ bromite or even firefox (on android) is that they are so huge, bloated and resource intensive especially compared to other browser like Midori. It doesn’t help that theyvmake it hardercto get decent adons or extentions on both browser now on Android. They can feel slugish at times. But for browsingvthe modern websites as intended that’s the main reason to have a chrome browser installed. But if a site you will workbinba simpler browser I would recommend you use something like Midori or Privacy browser for those.


Midori or Privacy Browser

Both of those browsers are WebView browsers which just depend on the system WebView.
If you are running stock Android that is actually Chrome!

Y’all please just stick to Bromite/Mull/Fennec F-Droid/Tor Browser.
Only use a WebView browser if you have a up-to-date WebView, like Bromite via root (not a good idea), Vanadium on GrapheneOS, or Mulch on DivestOS.

Didnt know that, but the main reason I said that was to suggest to use smaller browsers like that (not exclusive to) that will enable you to lighten up the browser experience by blocking images, jacascript (for some pages not all) will also block video pop ups. Something that chrome and firefox make harder to do with limited or even no addon/extention support on Android.

lighten up the browser experience by blocking images, jacascript

uBlock Origin can do just that

Has an option to restrict large files and can toggle JS per domain.
Among also blocking wasteful ads/trackers.

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I have brave and bromite,
bromite can’t block youtube ads why can anyone help.

Use Fennec F-Droid or Mull, install uBlock Origin and enable all the non-regional lists it includes.

I haven’t used Youtube in over a year. Invidious or Cloudtube are great alternatives for using in a browser.
Other than that, Newpipe also does a great job.
Either way, there are no ads :slight_smile:
If you need to prevent ads inside the videos, try SponsorBlock.

Have anyone tried to build chromium by them i tried but failed fetch is not working can anyone help.

Building Chromium is like hell in earth. Good benchmark tho.

I actually want to know why bromite is 150mb app where as brave chomium base even chrome is less than 80 mb there must be some reason so i want to build my self can you help fetch os not working what i need.

I find bromite 64bit is 156 mb but brave ans chrome is under 80mb or close to is there anything wrong.