QKSMS troubleshoot

Got a new phone/android.
Used “backup” feature on QKSMS from old android to transfer over texts to new android, but only MY SMS message show up on chat boxes after “restoring” old SMS’s onto new android.

Any ideas?

So only your messages show up, right? This had happened to me once due to faulty backup. Just FC QKSMS, clear cache. Then set the backup folder location once again. Ensure you re-sync messages with system under settings.
Then take a backup. BTW, you can open the backup file via any text/json viewer and check the backup data.

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I have no idea what FC means.

So on my Android (Moto g Play 2021), I went to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps > QKSMS App > Storage & Cache > Clear Cache (top right).

I returned to QKSMS app on my home screen, opened it, went to make another “backup” into the Android file, saved that file onto my laptop (because lame G play wouldn’t let me Bluetooth over the file to my new Android :triumph: ), and then uploaded it to new Android.

I did, with new Android phone.

I did, with new Android phone.

Sorry, I’m still not fluent in F-Droid :confused:

The result was that some of my messages now have some of the recipients messages shown, and not others, or a mix of some of their messages showing and some not.

Any ideas Sir?

My bad. I should not have used jargon.
FC means force stopping an app via app info > force stop

That is correct

This step and re-sync, messages should be done first on the old phone. So first resync on old phone, then setup back directory afresh, and then backup. Check the backedup file (backupxyz.json) via notepad or any text app. It will show you what all messages are there. Ignore the code stuff there, just scroll and skim your messages and see if everything is there as you would want from your old phone.

As I mention above, first setup backup location on old phone, then resync under settings in old phone, then take a backup on your old phone. Check contents of backup via a text viewer/notepad.
Before importing/restoring backup on new phone, resync and take a separate backup on new phone.

This was cause you did not do the same steps in both the phone before importing the old phone data onto your new phone.
Probably the data got mixed up and that is why the new phone data is not fully restored.

There is also a possibility of your data from old phone maybe huge and the SMS settings in android (new phone) maybe limited. For that reason the data may not have restored correctly, and the new phone database structure maybe causing issues. This is something which can be weird due to the way QKSMS maybe restoring database. There was an issue raised to Moez on Github (QKSMS developer), but I do not recall this issue being resolved yet. In that case the data may be randomly imported and there is no way to solve it, other than developer doing code changes.

Finally, there is no resolution other than to start from step one again on this. I will not recommend any third party apps or closed sourced apps, which are aplenty. However, if it comes to that, please do not hesitate to do that, as I know what the SMS data means. It is very very important.

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Sorry for the late reply, but it looks like “syncing” both phones, prior to “backup”, may have solved this.
I say may because, I see that I still can not see some messages in the past, but if I go back far enough, I can start them come up again; so I think from the various phone changes I’ve had through out the years, I never did the steps right, and was left with a bad “backup” from one phone to the other.

Hope this thread helps someone in the future.

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Glad it helped. I had this myself when I was new to this QKSMS. Also, now that QKSMS is literally fully private, there is a good fork of it here: QUIK SMS | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
Everything is same for the time being, except that the restore is not working for some reason (restore of original QKSMS backuped file), and that is restored only through QKSMS itself. However, any backup and restore done from QUIK itself, works.