Pydroid replacement

Good morning. Hope everyone is well.

Having degoogled, I’m looking for a replacement for pydroid.

Does anybody know any Foss python IDEs for Android?

Thank you so much. =)

How about Termux?

Thanks for the reply.

OK. I have a dumb question. Please don’t laugh.

I ran which python and which python3 in Termux. Not there.

Can I install the python interpreter in Termux? Or is this not at all how it works?


Never mind. I found the answer on the Termux wiki. =) Thank you so much. Termux didn’t cross my mind.

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Yes, of course. My apologies.

At first, Termux told me that it couldn’t find the package.

So, I ran apt-get update and apt-get install.

Then, as described in the Termux python wiki entry, run pkg install python. And you’re done.

Use your editor of choice or run python from the CLI to use the interpreter.


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