Provide beta versions of andOTP

Hey guys, I’m the developer of andOTP and I recently started to publish my app as stable and beta versions on Google Play. I know that something like this is also possible with F-Droid but couldn’t find a lot of information on it. From what I gathered I have to:

  1. Add a regex to the Update Check Mode so it only recognizes the stable releases. Since my stable releases are tagged with something like v0.5.1 while my beta versions are v0.6.0-beta1 something like Update Check Mode:Tags ^v[0-9.]+$ should do the trick, correct?
  2. Create a merge request manually adding the Build information for every beta release I publish.

What I don’t understand is how I can make F-Droid recognize the build information I added manually as beta version, do I have to set an additional parameter inside the Build block that tells F-Droid it is a beta version?

Thanks for andOTP! fdroid doesn’t really have a concept of alpha/beta vs. releases. Instead there are “builds”, e.g. an APK generated from a specific point in the source, and there is the “Current Version”, which is a pointer to the APK that F-Droid will automatically update to. Unfortunately for your case, “Update Check Mode” updates both the build and the Current Version. I think the only option for your case is to manually add each new build entry for alpha/beta releases, then set Update Check Mode to automatically handle adding final releases and updating Current Version.

Here is some related discussion on how to improve things:

Thanks for the quick answer.

So all I would have to do for now is to add the regex to the Update Check Mode so it only picks up stable versions. (Check Mode:Tags ^v[0-9.]+$ should do the trick).

And then manually add a Build block every time I release a new beta version.

I will see if I can get a PR with that ready as soon as possible.

That makes sense to me

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