ProtonVPN comments please

Who’s complaining?

orbot and tor browser are in guardian-project repos, which is enabled by default on every f-droid client i’ve ever used. try droidify.

you can find all the extra f-droid repos here . sometimes you get updates faster that way. good luck!

@computer the Guardian Project repos are added by default, but not enabled.

Well . . . linking to Playstore in a F-Droid forum . . . I am not complaining. But I get @Licaon_Kter s point

The question was whether anyone has general comments and these are mine. I am not saying it’s bad, just that I tried using Proton in quasi-public locations - e.g. medical facilities that provide Internet access – and it has not been successful. Either it cannot maintain a connection or is unable to make any connection. Proton told me that some facilities block VPNs - or at least Proton VPN - from establising a sustainable connection.

At last, an answer to my question thank you. I used Proton VPN for a few hours on a train two days ago. Except for the expected interruptions in tunnels and cuttings, it worked well enough for my uses.

At the time my understanding was if I opted sideloading apps eg(.apk files ) if or when there were bug fixes in a newer version I would not be able to update as play store does. My understanding was I would have to manually look around for newer versions and then uninstall and install newer version. I’m definitely not a know-it-all or anything close still learning and I plan on continuing learning as I don’t fathom there being an end to advanced technology. :muscle::sunglasses::v:

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