"Proprietary service" or "Service monopoly"?

Hello everybody!

I love how F-Droid marks apps as “proprietary service” but it’s misleading since every service in the world is proprietary (since you are delegating something to someone else) and honestly we know that there is no way to discover if the owner uses 100% Free software on its server-side.

Instead, what do you think about this new NonFreeNet definition?

Service monopoly (#Non-Free-Net)

This Anti-Feature is applied to apps that promote or depend entirely on network services that cannot be replicated with Free software.

Thank you for your thoughts!

It’s on our TODO: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues/553#note_565181896


Yep I’m OK with SiloedNet that is a smart concern, plus the above definition for the original meaning of Non-Free-Net.

For four years?!

Everything is in flux for years.

See my linked comment, there’s a need (imho) now to clarify it.