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Hello everyone.
I’m looking for Office Suite Apps (like Word Processor, SpreadSheet, etc) and some utilities, like batch rename or file comparison, etc.
Unfortunately, I can’t find in actual repos, and I already added repos from “known repos” web page.

Which repo should I use?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You can’t find any apps…let alone repos…

Neither Collabora Office nor LibreOffice are available (yet) is a FOSS fashion

Oh, I see. Well, I won’t turn back to Play Store just for this reason, I’ll wait!

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You can download Collobra office directly from their site.

But is that fully FOSS?

According to their website, it is.
As far as I understood, it’s the same license as for LibreOffice

Also, in F-Droid, it’s listed as “LibreOffice Viewer”.
I still miss Draw and Base

It’s not only the code license…but HOW it is build too.

I don’t know, but it’s in F-Droid with a different name, so I guess it’s built as other F-Droid Apps

What? The one in the repo is 2 years old ( )

Also, if it was that easy why wouldn’t we have it updated yet? :confused:

Look at the source URL…is it the same? Nope

Well, I’m indeed using the one on F-Droid
FYI, the link is: LibreOffice Viewer Beta (Document Viewer) -

By the way, I’m also looking for Batch rename, Diff/compare files and folders, and a diagram editor

Please, any help?

Up. Please.

There’s no “up for an app”, please stop.

Oh, very sorry. Ok, no more “ups”

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Maybe some of those you can do from terminal?

Worth to check, I hope:


Could you clarify a little on this, please?

Thanks a lot.

If you know, the Linux Apps GPRename and KDiff3, in example

Terminal is good for a bunch of stuff, but I’m looking for a GUI program