Problems with various Flattr links

Hello. I’ve now completed 3 hours of research into F-Droid’s Flattr support, and am sharing my findings with you guys here.

Most crucially, the Flattr links that are used on F-Droid’s websites are less than ideal, since typical Flattr links lead to profile pages nowadays, instead of to a way to actually Flattr them. I have however deduced how to create functional links that still work, and with the ability to set up recurring Flattrs again, which I’ve written an article about. Basically, instead of<Flattr ID>, it would work better as something á la<Flattr ID>&url=<Any plausible website whatsoever, but with HTML markup such as e.g. %2F>. Example for SuperGenPass and 24h Analog Clock:

For clarification: fid= means Flattr ID, and uid= means Flattr username. They can be used interchangeably in the links, depending on which of those pieces of info that are known to the link maker.

I also decided to go through a GitHub search of F-Droid apps that had Flattr IDs, and I believe that around 50% of the links were dead, usually because their related Flattr accounts had been deleted. Don’t take the following to be 110% true gospel, since I had to keep track of a lot of information and browser tabs at once, but Flattring the Flattr IDs for the following apps didn’t result in any actual contributions being given from me to them:

• Tallyphant
• Beem
• Mountie
• Remuco
• MyOwnNotes
• Recursive Runner
• Aard
• Battery level
• I2P
• Anecdote
• UART Smartwatch
• Fun Phone Puppet
• Simple Dilbert
• Plumble
• wallabag
• PageTurner
• BlitzMail
• Single-Feed
• DAVdroid

Additionally, the Flattr ID for External IP seems to have been restricted by Flattr, and should be changed to 4445428, which is the functional Flattr ID of one of kost’s other apps (Network Mapper).

I could’ve potentially helped out on GitLab with removing dead Flattr IDs (if that’s where I should do it, and if you were to need any help with it), but am doubtful that I know enough about coding to convert the links into my above-suggested format in the repo coding.

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