Problem to update NetGuard


I have the Pro-version of Netguard v2.276 installed on my Smartphone (Android 8.0).

F-Droid tells me that v2.280 is downloaded and ready for installation (“install from unknown sources” is allowed).
But after pressing “install” I’m getting the error message “Fehler beim Installieren von NetGuard. Installation aufgrund eines unbekannten Fehlers fehlgeschlagen”
(in english this should be ~ “error while installing NetGuard. Installation failed due to an unknown error”).

Similar if I download the APK and try to install that, here I’m getting the message “App wurde nicht installiert” (~ App wasn’t installed).

I did not try yet to first uninstall NetGuard, and re-install it afterwards (because I’m afraid to be without NetGuard in case installation wouldn’t work either)

Any idea ? On other devices I ain’t have that problem, they are on NetGuard v2.280.

Many thx

Did you get the pro version from the Google PlayStore? Or was it from F-Droid (I only see the regular “non-pro” version on F-Droid, but I may have missed it.

If your pro version came from the PlayStore, and the other version from F-Droid, then it may be a mismatched key problem. E.G., the pro version is signed with a different key by the author. Then you would have to uninstall it and install the 2.28 version on F-Droid.

Hope that helps! :smiley:

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Many thx for your input.

I did NOT install the NetGuard-app from the Google PlayStore (but upgraded to Pro using a response-code from the NetGuard author).

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Ah, I see I spoke without knowledge. :grinning:
I’m not sure then, but if you go to the app page on fdroid, you can see this:

If you have a question or problem, you can send an e-mail to

Or, his issue tracker points to his XDA thread, which may be a good place to ask for help.

Hope that helps!

Do you have enough free space on the device, eg. at least 1 gb?

Good hint, I’l try it.
Thx !

8Gb free space, so I guess this should be sufficient.
Thx for the input !

Better try XDA yes, there were some Pro related changes: so maybe they’re at fault.

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moving NetGuard from the SD-card to the internal memory solved the problem for me, e.g. afterwards I could update from v 2.276_stable to v 2.280_stable.

(As suggested, I checked for the NetGuard pages on GitHub, there I noticed this line in the change comparison from v2.276_stable to 2.279_stable:

Many many thx for your help again !


That’s some great detective work! Well done, and I’m glad you got it figured out. :+1:

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