Problem installing MicroG

I added the MicroG repo but if i go to ‘microG Service Core’ page in f-droid there is no ‘install’ button, instead there is ‘open’ button which opens google setting app. How to install MicroG?
My tablet is using android 4.4.2.

Can i use TitaniumBackup to uninstall Google Play Services or i need to use file manager and manually remove the google play packages in /system/priv-app? Also, i don’t have some of the packages listed in Prerequisites in my /system/priv-app directory.

This is the best solution…

That being said I do have a new device now that, even if I already removed the Google APKs from /priv-app, refuses to install microg core.

Also, see that APKs might be in some other places like /system/product/priv-app (eg. Android 10)

I removed manually GmsCore.apk and GoogleServicesFramework.apk. The other packages were not there and i don’t have /system/product/priv-app directory. After that i was able to install ‘microG Services Core’ from f-droid.

But i have other problem. I installed Xposed Framework module FakeGApps for signature spoofing and it was installed successfully. But when i check if the signature spoofing is enabled, with Signature Spoofing Checker app i downloaded from f-droid, it shows that it is disabled. Why is that? What issues i could have if the signature spoofing is disabled? I think MicroG is installed correctly, because i was able to install apps like Signal and Insight Timer, which before i couldn’t install because they wouldn’t work without updating google service.

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