Privileged Extension not surviving OTA on A/B type phone (LineageOS 19.1)

F-Droid privileged extension doesn’t survive OTA update on LineageOS 19.1 on my A/B type phone (Xperia XZ2 Compact)

Is this problem due to a bug in the F-Droid privileged extension? Or is it an LineageOS 19.1 issue?

I mentioned that the phone is an A/B partition type device because I think it is somehow related to the issue.

On my other phone (Galaxy S10e LineageOS 19.1, not A/B partition phone), there is no problem.

Any ideas? Workarounds?

The FDroidPrivExt has been dropped due to breakage caused by the per-app sensors permission patchset.

I saw this. May be related.

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Yes. Seems the issue also exists for the Pixel 2 on DivestOS according to its maintainer. It is also an A/B device.

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