Privileged Extension hangs while installing

Eink device from China. Onyx Book C67ML Carta2+. Android 4.2.2. Rooting was stupid simple. Installed F-droid, tweak the settings, tried to install Previleged from the menu, it asks for root, downloads, then hangs on install.

Verify F-droid has root (Super SU), searched for privilieged, install, fail.

Move f-droid to system apps, revoke root, re-grant, install, fail.

Install privileged 2070, success!! Reboot, no upgrade, search, install, fail.

@&$%@&%!!! Help!?

P.S. Is searching for apps supposed to work from a browser? I can’t get it to work on current SeaMonkey, Win7.

There are two entries for privileged extension in the F-Droid catalogue.
To install it the first time you need the zip file from here. Download it and flash it via TWRP.
Once installed the other entry is used to update the privileged extension via F-Droid when an update is available.

So… why is it still listed as being installable from the menu?? Might want to get that fixed. I figured F-droid would be a natural on this older device, it’s turning out to be a pain in the rear.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try to figure out a way to uninstall the 2070 and then figure out how to use the zip file with twrp.

twrp doesn’t exist for my device. Now what?

AFAIK it should work with any recovery, not just with TWRP.

Any custom recovery should fit.
Also logcat would be very helpful

Well I haven’t set up a recovery option. Like I said rooting was stupid simple. Custom roms don’t exist for this device. Now I have to jump through a slew of hoops just to get auto-updates to function?? Screw it. Not worth the effort. I spent half the night last night trying to get it to work, then spent the other half trying to get flashy to work, which apparently needs gapps, which apparently don’t exist for this device. …and besides that, I don’t WANT google or the play store on this device, that’s why I was hoping to depend on F-droid!!

Sorry lidar, not worth the effort to install the crap to get a logcat either.

I suggest the devs fix the link in the settings if they’re going to muck around turning features in to train wrecks.

Is there any logical reason why this can’t be fixed on older devices, even if the newer ones require a recovery? Seems butt stupid to me. If there’s a logical explanation, I’d love to hear it.

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