Private message on this forum

I found the thread Bundling OpenSSH with an app by @stanton and wanted to mention Dropbear (GitHub repo, F-droid example) a maintained ssh server and client, well-known in the embedded Linux market, because of low requirements (tiny executable, little RAM).

But the thread is locked (no activity for more than 2 months) and I can’t seem to find a way to send a private message.


The ping should work. Moreover, when you click on a user name/id, a pop-up option showing “Message” shows up. Use that to message the individual.
Also, if you visit the user’s profile: Profile - stanton - F-Droid Forum, you can message the individual.

Ohh and the user @stanton has not been online since June 2nd, so maybe the reply may take time.

Many thanks, sorry for the noise. I feel dumb now.

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